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(Hygienic & Safe Juice Extractor)

This is a quiet, compact, durable, safe and easy to clean machine. that can handle any kind of sugarcane with or without the though outer shell. This machine has created revolution in the sugar cane juice extraction process. Unlike the present crude & un hygienic juice extraction process through traditional machines, which needs frequent lubrication, which later goes into the sugarcane juice along with rust, this new machine consists of food grade stainless steel rollers where no lubrication is required and yield of juice is highly hygienic and optimum with single squeezing process. This has enabled even star hotels & high end shopping malls to include sugarcane juice in their menu as prestigious product.

Automatic citrus juice machine extracts fresh & pure juice from Oranges , Mausambi (Sweet Lime) Kinoo lemon & pomegranate. It automatically cuts the fruit into two pieces. The system of extraction is based on male and female pressing units that have a perfect synchronization. The fruit is automatically cut in two halves with the help of Micro-Jagged Slicing Blade and by using a series of high impact food grade stainless steel balls, all the juice is extracted from the fruit. This technology assures high quality & high yield of juice from the fruit. Its unique feature, apart from its stylish design, lies in the fact that the food grade stainless steel juicer heads at no point of time are in contact with the peel. The Seeds are not crushed. In this manner, pure & hygienic high quality juice is obtained. This system permits optimum juice yield with no part of the peel.

Both these machines dazzle the customers with the visual effects of feeding, squeezing, extracting, straining and discarding of peel all in one rapid cycle.

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